Be Our Partner

Thank you very much for your partnership in this important activity. Donations can be made in one of the following ways:

PayPal / Credit card

 in Israel PeleCard secured credit card donation

 in USA through American Friends of Panim el Panim paypal.

 in Canada Donations for educational and welfare activities, through Neeman Foundation paypal.



Phone Call

 718-838-3565  through American Friend of Panim el Panim

 972-2651-7653 / Fax:972-2651-7747

Telex Transfer

 First International Bank of Israel Tel Aviv

Branch: PAGI Kanfey Nesharim
Branch No. 182
Account Name: Panim el Panim - Noam Israel
Account Number: 741353
IBAN: IL390521820000000741353

No need for an ABA number or other identification.

donations to Panim el Panim are tax-deductible for Israeli residents.

donations to American Friends of Panim el Panim are tax-deductible in the U.S.


Send a check

 Adress in Israel - Shatner 3, POB 34254, Jerusalem 95461.

 Adress in U.S.A - American Friends of Panim el Panim POBox 670066 Flushing, NY 11367 IRS 501c3 Non-Profit.

 Adress in Canada - Donations for educational and welfare activities, Ne'eman Foundation - Canada, 75 Lisa Crescent, Thornhill, ON L4J 2N2.


In Canada and England, please indicate on your donation cheque that it is for Panim el Panim.

All donations via these organizations are tax-deductible in their countries.

Donate a Specific Project

Please, select the project you wish to donate.


  • A filed day of shiurim - $250
  • Shabbat - $600
  • A short series of shiurim to women soldiers (8 shiurim) - $800
  • An extensive Shabbat - $1,000
  • Officers program - $1,800

High Schools

  • A short series of shiurim (4 shiurim) - $300
  • A long series of shiurim (12 shiurim) - $900
  • Average monthly activity in high school - $1,800


  • One shiur for a group of students per month (4 shiurim) - $500
  • A series of lectures at the Students Center (10 lectures) - $1,000
  • Adopt-a- Student - 1,500$


  • Minyan in a Kibbutz - $360
  • A short series of shiurim (6 shiurim) - $600
  • Ten Minyanim in Kibbutzim - $3,600